The climate in Columbus creates an environment that allows pests to thrive. Many assume that the pests die off during the cold winter, but they’re actually just hiding. Many pests have learned to avoid the harsh extremes of the weather by hiding below the soil surface. Any guess as to where else they might hide for the winter? Your house! You keep your home warm, right? You might even have a great attic that’s perfect for pests. But don’t worry, we can protect your house and family. Our Columbus pest control technicians are trained to help control and exterminate roaches, rats, bed bugs, termites, fleas, and other pests. Each of our pest control technicians understands the biology and habits of pests, rather than just using pesticide to get rid of your problem, which allows us to help you to prevent pests in the future.

We greatly value all of our customers and make every effort to attain total customer satisfaction. We treat your home just like our own and appreciate your business.